Michelle's campaign

Celebration or Calamity

Trouble abounds

Our heroes found themselves in the middle of a celebration in baulder’s gate. They witness the slaying of beloved duke Abdel Adrian. As soon as the event was calmed the heroes of the wide were congratulated by three interesting characters. Imbralym Skoond an employee to duke Silvershield, Ulder Ravenguard of the flaming fist, and Rilsa Rael in disguise as a young man, of the guild. Each wanted to assure the players of what was going on in Baulder’s gate. The players decided to hear them each out. They agreed to help both Silvershield and Rilsa. They succeeded in helping the guild steal from a well known tax collector and promised to search three shady characters mentioned to them by Silvershield. They have not yet spoken to Ravenguard. There was a fun tavern brawl at the blushing mermaid as our rogue and ranger snuck into the famous tax collectors home to steal the days earnings. This will most likely rouse a bit of talk in the morrow. And alongside the late Duke Abdel Adrians funeral. What a day…



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