Ulder Ravenguard

strong and confident deep hardworking voice


Blaze (Major) Ulder Ravenguard is the incarnation of militarism. The only beauty he appreciates is precision, and the only quality he values is utility. He believes that personal ornamentation other than military insignia is a waste. A meticulous man, he forgets nothing and forgives less. Ravenguard has never married and has no interest in domestic matters. Someone might consider him handsome, if not for his constant scowl and many scars.

Blaze Ravenguard is Marshal Abdel Adrian’s right hand man. He is both the second Highest ranking officer in the flaming fist and the warden of Wyrm’s rock. Ravenguard’s soliders do not love him. They do respect his leadership, however, and pay for it with their obedience, which is exactly how Ravenguard prefers things.

Naturally stolid and terse, Ravenguard is slow to speak and make decisions in any arena expect the battlefield. Once he decides on a course of action, Ravenguard is relentless in it’s pursuit. He believes the Flaming Fist is the Gate’s backbone and the key to the city’s strength.

With the Death of Marshal Abdel Adrian Ravenguard has risen to the Rank of Marshal of the Flaming Fists.

Ulder Ravenguard

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