Torlin Silvershield

older salt and pepper hair noble right noble and stern


Leader of the city’s greatest patriar house, duke on the Council of Four, and head priest of its grandest temple, Torlin Silvershield is one of the most powerful people in Baldur’s Gate. Decades ago, Silvershield helped defend the city during Valarken’s coup and assisted in founding the Parliament of Peers. He is descendant of the great Entar Silvershield, a grand duke at the time when Abdel Adrian defeated Sarevok.

Silvershield sees himself as the embodiment of the best of Baldur’s gate. As such, he takes great pains with his appearance to present a proud example for others to follow. The duke fasts for long stretches and exercises daily, giving him a gaunt but fit physique. His black hair has grayed at the temples, and he wears a well-trimmed salt-and-pepper beard.

Torlin Silvershield believes that his nobility and birthright give him a divine obligation to rule with justice. Like many worshipers of Gond, the god of innovation and technology, the high artificer sees wealth as proof of the god’s favor and firmly believes in fair rewards for labor.

The best intrests of Baldur’s gate are foremost in his plans, even trumping the concerns of Gond’s temple.

Torlin Silvershield

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