Rilsa Rael

Young woman short brown hair soft spoken


Rilsa Rael occupies a high station in the Guild, the criminal organization that controls most of the illegal activity in Baldur’s gate.

When Rilsa Rael joined the Guild, she had nowhere else to turn. The Flaming Fist had hanged her father for harboring her uncle when the mercenaries were after him. So her beautiful mother had to become a patriar’s courtesan to support Rael. When the man’s wife discovered the trysts, she demanded that Rael’s mother be imprisoned in the Seatower of balduran, where the woman wasted away and died while her lover went unpunished. Left on her own, Rael joined the Guild in Norchapel, where her mixed Tethyrian and Calishite parentage and language skills gave her a natural advantage in bringing Little Calimshan fully under the Guild’s Influence.

Rael’s opinions of the Gate’s leaders and institutions were formed during her rough childhood. She thinks the Flaming Fist is cruel and uncaring, and the patriars are hypocritical and self-serving. She sympathizes and identifies wholly with the poor in the Outer City and blames the Fist and the Patriars for the terrible conditions there – and the fact that, in her own words, “The people need the Guild to protect them from the city and from themselves.”

Rilsa Rael

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